1. C    
2. evaporation: boiling water to separate from sugar
    filtration: coffee filter machine
     sedimentation: when syrup sits in the bottom of a beaker
    decantation: pouring out the water to separate it from the syrup. or pouring out the top layer of oil sitting on top of water

3. mass: it is the quantity of matter substances are made up of.
    volume: it is the amount of space an object occupies.
    density: it is the comparison of the quantity of matter an object has with the amount of space it occupies.
meniscus: the curve of a liquid when it is placed in a graduated cylinder. You must always read under it.
4. 347.0 g
5. 91.2g-41.2g = 50.0g
6. 56.0 ml            5ml - 3.4ml = 1.6ml
7. 160g / 80ml   = 2g/ml     liquid    sink because higher than 1g/ml

     50g/200cm3 = 0.25 g/cm3     solid   float because lower than 1g/ml

8. homo

9. A mixture is a combination of many substances together. It is not a pure substance.
10.    maple syrup:   solute: sugar
                                 solvent: water
          air   : solute: oxygen
                   solvent: nitrogen
          hot chocolate:  solute: cocoa
                                   solvent:  milk

11. oil   -  water   - maple syrup

5. decantation 7. homogeneous 8. heterogeneous 9. filtration 10. solution 11.sedimentation

1. solvent  2. solute 3. mass 4. volume 6. evaporation