View below the answers to the review questions in Passeport to the world

1. In order from left to right: inner core, outer core, mantle, crust

2. It is made up of the crust and upper mantle

3. Different landforms in a given location on Earth.

4. land, water, wind and ice

5. chemical erosion:  erosion caused by chemical changes (like acid rain)

mechanical erosion: erosion caused changes in temperature and pressure or erosion caused by Wind and water.

biological erosion: erosion caused by living organisms

6. Hot air rises and then cools off and sinks. The direction of the Wind is caused by the rotation of the Earth.

7. A mineral is made of one type of substance. A rock is a combination of minerals.

8. 5: naturally occurring, inorganic, solid, definite chemical composition, crystalline

9. They are a part of a mineral where the atoms are arranged in a specific structure (or shape).

10. copper , gold, iron, asbestos

11. It is made of broken down rocks.

12. (same as no.11)

13. humus (organic), sand, silt, clay

14. Igneous rocks: made from cooled down magma ex: obsidian, pumice rock

      Sedimentary rocks: made from erosion and layering of sediments over time. ex: sandstone, limestone

      Metamorphic rocks: made from heat and pressure, ex: marble, slate



1. crust  3. topology  6. erosion  9. sedimentary  10. crystal


2. igneous   4.  wind    5. metamorphic  7. geology  8. mineral